Friday, August 13, 2010

"Ode to The Arches" by Karla Nolan, palette knife oil painting

This is my ode to the Arches National Monument in Utah.  What a fun place it is to visit -- I did take some artistic license here, as the Three Sisters is probably located in a different geographic spot than I showed it, but it was all in good fun.  This painting is on a 4"x6" linen panel -- and there are many more of these to come, as I over-ordered the number of these panels by far!  Oops!  So...I'm no so great with the math some days!  You are the winner here if you like miniature paintings!  And I've kept the price low and included s&h in N. America, as all of us are struggling in these tough economic times!

"Ode to The Arches", 4"xd6" miniature palette knife oil painting on linen, unframed, $45 includes s&h in N. America, Paypal preferred, write me at for more information -- thanks for looking!
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