Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Echinacea Field" by Karla Nolan, framed painting on glass

ALERT: You are about to view art of a different nature. These are paintings on glass -- that is, painted directly onto glass with specially formulated glass paints. They are always framed for the protection of the glass. The paints often are transparent and sometimes opaque, giving a stained glass appearance under good light. They, like all fine art, should not be hung in direct sunlight. The photographs do not do them justice -- my colors are very vibrant. Close ups are available, just e-mail me for information (see below). In most instances, click on the actual image for an even larger image to view -- you'll see lots of different items such as marbelization, transparent or opaque parts of the work -- try it and see! Commissions are accepted.

For the health conscious, this is one painting on glass you might appreciate.  Echinacea is a legend in the herbal world, helps you build up your immune system.  I've used it and I feel it's effective.  Whether or not you buy into this, the flower is beautiful, a lively shade of pink-purple with an orange cone center.  We grow them in our backyard and enjoy their beauty in the late summer.  Of course, I feel that they are also fun to paint -- very vivid and bright flowers.  This painting will be framed in simple black for the protection of the glass.

"Echinacea Field", 9"x12"" FRAMED in black, painting on glass, $325 includes s&h in N. America, Paypal accepted, click below to buy or write me at KarlaNolan@gmail.com for more information -- Thank you for looking!

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