Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Sonoma Bougainvillea" by Karla Nolan, oil painting on linen

It is difficult to resist a bougainvillea plant.  My husband and I were in Sonoma, California, last fall, strolling along, taking in the lovely view when we happened upon an alleyway, pictured above, which had marvelous bougainvillea blooming up and down the buildings there.  So, here is my take on that happening -- with all brushes, too!
I, like everyone else, have been hit hard by the economic times and have been considering the following decision for a while now.  Since almost no galleries who represent me carry my oil paintings, I have determined that I will discount the cost of my oil paintings carried by Daily Painters and other such art blogs -- the list below indicates sizes and costs which I will institute, starting with this painting.  Any paintings 11"x14" and under in size will be shipped without additional shipping and handling charges in North America; over 11"x14" will have an added fee, determined at the time of sale.  I hope this helps you collect worthy art as I don't feel it is fair to not provide reasonable costs and stop artists and collectors from connecting with one another, even during trying financial times.  As always, Paypal is preferred and I can send an invoice.  

4"x6" painting -- $36.00
5"x7" painting --$52.50
8"x10" painting -- $100.00
9"x12" painting -- $135.00
11"x14" painting -- $175.00

s&h applied in addition to costs for below sizes
12"x16" painting -- $215.00
14"x18" painting -- $285.00
16"x20" painting -- $360.00

Larger painting prices to be determined!  Please note, all of these artworks
are sold UNFRAMED.

I hope you appreciate my new oil painting policy.  Please let me know if you have comments or questions at  This also applies to the paintings that are not yet sold found on my website (listed below).  Thanks for looking!

"Sonoma Bougainvillea", 10"x8" oil painting on linen, $100 includes s&h in N. America, Paypal preferred, click button below or write for more information (see above) -- Thanks for looking.

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