Wednesday, December 1, 2010

""Tranquil Eve" by Karla Nolan, palette knife/brush oil painting on linen panel

I'll been on a roll lately with my oil painting, probably making up for all of last week when I was ill with bronchitis.  I honestly HATE being sick, I get so cranky when I can't create, and am perfectly miserable.  Yech!  I can't even stand myself!  However, now it's back to the artwork, even though I have remnants of my illness.  Phooey on them!  Go away, sickness, come back, art works!!!!!

I painted a similar painting a few years back with the tiniest of palette knives; this time I used brushes, as well.  Ah, the beautiful time of day, sunset, dusk, twilight, sundown -- call it what you will, it is the prettiest to me.

"Tranquil Eve",  palette knife/brush oil painting on 8"x10" linen panel, $100 includes s/h in U.S., contact me at and I'll mail you a Paypal invoice -- s/h in other locations to be determined at time of sale, of course. 

I have set up a second website, Paintings On Glass, to showcase my paintings on glass.  There is a piece in progress as I type with sailboats.  That's a true challenge, showing proper structure and making the water look good.  Be sure to check it out, along with my new blogspot, listed below.
Look below for a link to yet another art blogspot, one that I created for my paintings on glass, or click here:  PaintingOntoGlass

Thanks for looking!
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