Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Downtown Denver Abstract Mural Painting. Epic Artwork For The Denver Bronco Booster Club Facility. Mural Paintings By Jennifer Morrison Godshalk

Hmmm.. What To Paint And How To Execute Such A Large Painting.

This wall measures 26 ft by 12 ft.  It is drywall and taped with no texture.

There will be a stage built in front of this mural, so I decided to frame the mural with black paint.  I then proceeded to paint the mural.  Up and down the ladder and on the scaffolding hundreds of times, and Va Va Va Voom!  The painting is complete.  An abstract version of Downtown Denver with a firey sunset completed this epic sized painting!

Here you can get a perspective of the massive abstract  painting of Denver, Colorado!  

Onto The Next Painting... :)


Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
© Morrison Studios
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist

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